Today too many blogs are being created, I feel lost in the information and inspiration. There can only be so many different showcases featuring (insert number here) Examples of Brilliant Illustrations. I understand the internet has endless information, and we are just trying to showcase that. I would just like to go to a few destinations to get all the information.


What I am trying to say is the blogosphere is being over saturated with design blogs. I am writing today to bring up a realistic solution.

Let’s contribute to already established blogs instead of creating new blogs.

Read the rest of the article: Stop Launching Blogs, Start Contributing

Another really good read.

Launching a really good web magazine takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work: getting authors to contribute, getting a steady stream of really good, relevant-not-outdated content, etc… It’s a steady job, not one you post to once, sit back and relax. If you decided to open up shop, you must know that you are competing against some really great ones out there.

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